Top 5 Startup: Hong Kong Fintech Week

AAAccell is proud to announce the 4th place at the pitching finals during the Hong Kong Fintech week. Prizes for the fourth place include tremendous incorporation support and free office spaces.

A week of events, workshops and presentations with a growing emphasis on education

The Hong Kong Fintech Week 2018 and its adjacent program took place in the last week of October. Monday and Tuesday were a warm-up with different side events, during which many of the accelerators and incubators opened their doors, before the main event Wednesday an Thursday. The two big universities – the Hong Kong University and the Chinese Hong Kong University – invited participants to learn more about their new fintech programs, placing them at heart (but also start) of education for a new generation of talent in finance. The main conference ran on Wednesday and Thursday, concluding with a visit to Shenzhen on Friday that opened the doors to Alipay,

Great key-notes and presentation attracting visitors from across the globe

Top speakers, like the co-founder of Xiami, managed to attract a great mix of relevant decision makers from corporates. The week concluded with a cross-border visit to Shenzhen, where guests could visit Tencent, WeBank and Alipay. The venue at the Hong Kong Exhibition Hall managed to attract thousands of visitors from all around Asia and the world. As expected, there was a strong representation from the UK, but also a trade commission from Israel.

A massive development, but just the tip of the iceberg

The event stands proof to a rapidly growing and changing Finance and Fintech Ecosystem – a very entrepreneurial and digital new generation of finance that clashes with the traditional banks and wealth manager of Hong Kong. Read more about the recent developments in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area – redefining boundaries. These are exciting times for anyone in finance, but the vibe and drive right on the gates to China, place Hong Kong at the heart of a new dawn of finance in Asia.

AAAccell next steps

We are currently focusing our efforts on Korea. But with the connections, we have made during the Fintech Week, and the support of the prices, won through the pitching, we will be eying more activity in Hong Kong next year. Do you have any questions? Want to find out more? Want to get in touch – write us an email.

More about the Fast Track Competition

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