Data Provisioning

Data Provisioning

AAAccell built a proprietary database, with cleaned global market data and almost 20’000 assets, as well as economic data.

AAAccell has partnered with Morningstar to create a database with almost 20’000 assets and 16+ million data points.

We have been building a proprietary back end solution, based on a data base with 10’000s of assets that can be accessed via API. The set-up allows us to make our algorithms accessible and scalable, but we can also let our clients access the data. We perform daily updates and can extend the database for more exotic data if required.

  • Big Data
  • Data Cleansing
  • Global Assets
  • Asset Managers
  • Fund Managers
  • Insurances
  • Cleaned Data Stream
  • Global Market Data
  • Economic Data (upcoming)
  • Sentiment Data (upcoming)

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