Solutions & Services

Solutions & Services

Our solutions support banks and insurances, asset managers and pension funds, as well as asset platforms to generate additional revenues, lower costs and getting towards a 24/7 service, fully digital. 

What do we cover?

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REVOLA, an AI-based Portfolio- & Risk Engine

REVOLA, our numerous awarded solutions, includes fast, precise and accurate risk information as well as an optimizer to receive ideas and recommendations that improves returns while risks are reduced substantially. It includes several other features such as model portfolio management, risk alerts, and more. 

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Real Estate Radar (RER) for better property management

With over 20’000 financial market-, economic-, and real estate factors, RER is an AI-based portfolio tool to better manage and optimize real estate portfolios.

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Our PRIIPs solution improves regulatory risk/return disclosure

Due to the new PRIIPs regulation, illiquid funds typically receive a high overall risk category (6 out of 1 – 7). AAAccell found a way to reduce the risk category in most cases, applying methods that regulators convinced.


Fundastic improves performance and customer satisfaction

Fundastic can be used to improve an existing ETF or Fund universe. Fundastic runs billions of simulations per batch to identify which funds overperform or underperform and can select better investments.

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