Intelligent cloud system for risk control and portfolio optimisation for sustainable pension funds

The ageing population and increased life expectancy puts a tremendous strain on the pension system. On the one hand the number of pension funds has declined in several European countries, whereas volatility on the other hand has increased due to political and economic uncertainties. Due to this growing societal and economic pressure on Europe’s pension funds, advanced risk management is required in order to secure their sustainability and the environment of low or even negative interest rates for portfolio optimisation.

Through the project sus@pension AAAccell Ltd. will develop together with RISE a cloud platform with an intelligent FinTech engine for pension fund managers in order to reduce risks and optimise their investments aiming to secure the sustainability of pension funds.

The project will start as of 1 May 2018 and will last for three years. It will be 50% supported by Eurostars.


On 1st of March STIL – the Salon for Technologie et de l’innovation Lausanne – will hold their 5th exhibition. Located at the SwissTech Convention Center recently inaugurated on the EPFL campus, the salon offers 3700 m2 of space for its exhibitors and desires to be accessible to broad public.

The purpose of the day is to give an interesting and playful way for the visitors to discover the technologies of the different laboratories and enterprises – among the exhibitors is AAAccell.



BLOCKO is a global leading blockchain FinTech company, recently won first price in the global Singapore FinTech awards. BLOCKO set up a blockchain-based biometric log-in and payment authorization system which for one of the largest credit card company in Korea. BLOCKO and AAAccell will further develop solutions for the Financial Service Market combining leading blockchain technologies with cutting-edge risk- and asset management solution.

AAAccell is developing a modern crypto currency portfolio solution which will be released on CoinCube, a new US-based cooperation partner of AAAccell. The solution helps crypto currency investors by automating a risk-optimized portfolio. The product is based on machine learning and quantitative finance methods. Currently in alpha testing, the product will go into closed-beta testing in January and will be released to investors later in 2018.