Collaboration with YUKKA Lab

AAAccell – Trusted Innovation is happy to announce a collaboration with real-time news analytics experts YUKKA Lab. Yukka Lab is a technology leader in the field of augmented language intelligence and context-based texts analysis for the financial industry.

The goal of the YUKKA Lab – AAAccell collaboration is to build a sentiment-quant engine. We are aiming to combine YUKKA Labs excellent sentiment signals with our state of the portfolio selection and risk monitoring engine to create strong combined market signals and investment recommendations.

Management of YUKKA Lab (from left to right) – Oliver Berchtold (CPO & Co-Founder), Andreas Pusch (CEO & Co-Founder) and Christian Richter (CTO & Co-Founder).

Interview with YUKKA-lab co-founder Oliver Berchthold:

Q: Oliver, please introduce yourself. Who are you? And what are you doing at YUKKA Lab?

Hi, as Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer I am responsible for the further development of truly customer-centric products, but I also do a lot of business development for YUKKA Lab. Before that, I was Head of Product Development & Product Management at ARGUS DATA INSIGHT Schweiz AG.

Q: What is YUKKA Lab doing? What is the purpose of the cooperation with AAAccell?

With our YUKKA News & Trend Lab, we provide an overview of developments and trend shifts for every company, index, sector, and industry in the market based on the sentiment analysis of more than 200´000 professional news a day. The YUKKA Lab & AAAccell cooperation aims to link our sentiment signals with AAAccell’s quantum models – to build a sentiment quantum machine, to measure even better, cleaner market signals and offer even earlier and more accurate investment recommendations.

Q: How did this collaboration start?

We got to know each other while we discussed cooperation with a large Swiss financial institution initiated by the Kickstart Accelerator and quickly realised that our approaches complement each other perfectly and that our topics are similar. In addition to the cooperation with the Swiss bank, we established the YUKKA Lab & AAAccell cooperation very soon.

Q: What is special about this collaboration? How can your clients benefit from this collaboration?

For us, it is exciting to integrate another scientifically based, highly effective tool for our customers to make even better predictions about market events, better assess risks and opportunities in the market and thus to enable our clients to increase their profits.

Read what our partner YUKKA Labs has to say – article.

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