Prof. Dr. Michael Wolf

Michael Wolf is Professor of Econometrics and Applied Statistics at UZH – University of Zurich. The research of his team involves the development of new econometric methods in the areas of resampling, estimation of covariance matrices, and multiple testing. Applications give a special focus on finance, including performance evaluation and portfolio selection.

Recent publications:

Large dynamic covariance matrices. Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, forthcoming. Engle, R.F., Ledoit, O., and Wolf. M. (2018).

Nonlinear shrinkage of the covariance matrix for portfolio selection: Markowitz meets Goldilocks, Ledoit, O. and Wolf, M. (2017). Review of Financial Studies 30, 4349-4388.

Testing for monotonicity in expected asset returnsRomano, J.P. and Wolf, M. (2013). Journal of Empirical Finance 23, 93-116.

Fund-of-funds construction by statistical multiple testing methodsRomano, J.P. and Wolf, M. (2013). In: Scherer, B. and Winston, K. (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Quantitative Asset Management, 116-135. Oxford University Press, Oxford.

Robust performance hypothesis testing with the Sharpe ratioRomano, J.P. and Wolf, M. (2013). Journal of Empirical Finance 15, 850-859.

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