Elise Gourier

Dr. Elise Gourier

Elise Gourier is Assistant Professor in Finance at Queen Mary University of London, and a Research Affiliate in Financial Economics at the CEPR (Centre for Economic Policy Research). Her research interests include theoretical and empirical Asset Pricing, and Financial Econometrics.


Recent publications

A two-factor cointegrated commodity price model with an application to spread option pricing, with Walter Farkas, Robert Huitema and Ciprian Necula, 2017, Journal of Banking and Finance,  77, 249-268.

Quadratic Variance Swap Models, with Damir Filipovic and Loriano Mancini, 2016, Journal of Financial Economics, 119(1), 44-68. 

Inferring volatility dynamics and risk-premia from the S&P500 and VIX markets, with Chris Bardgett and Markus Leippold. Conditionally accepted in the Journal of Financial Economics. 

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