Our Team

Our team combines in-depth knowledge of financial markets coupled with different quantitative skills, such as mathematics, quantitative finance, artificial intelligence, machine learning, modern statistical inference, and computer science.

Management: Executive Board and Partners

Prof. Dr. Walter Farkas

Head Risk Management, Board President

Sandro Schmid, MaS, MBA

CEO, Board Member

Prof. Dr. Marc Paolella

Head Asset Management, Board Member

Prof. Dr. Pawel Polak

Head Machine Learning, Board Member

Prof. Dr. Karl Schmedders

Head Op. Research, Board Member

Dr. Boris Wälchli

Chief Technology Officer

Advisory Board & Affiliated Researcher

We benefit from experienced Advisory Partners and Affiliate Professors who challenge our ideas, act as sparring partners and progress our research.

Barend Fruithof

President of the
Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. G. Barone-Adesi

Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Alexander McNeil

Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Elise Gourier

Affiliated Researcher, University London

Prof. Dr. Martin Larsson

Affiliated Researcher, ETH

Prof. Dr. Marc Rieger

Affiliated Researcher, University Trier

Prof. Dr. Deniz Erdemlioglu

Affiliated Researcher, ISEG

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