About AAAccell

AAAccell is a leading Swiss quantitative FinTech in Risk- and Asset Management.

We produce award winning solutions: Our innovations come from several solutions we generated over the last years, for which we have won over ten awards nationally, as well as internationally.

Financial Markets suffer from a lack of quantification​​

Investment advice and guidance is often promised to be delivered through expert judgment and skilful opinions by professionals in asset or wealth management. However, much of global wealth invested lacks systematic quantification – many decisions are intuition based. And even though the complexity of algorithms in financial services has increased in specific areas (first generation of Robo-advisory, or high-frequency trading, hedge funds, etc.), widely used statistical methods applied (often still EXCEL based) that are used to back-up or justify decision making, still lag decades behind the most advanced quantitative methods developed in academia. So due to a lack of technology use: Risks are higher than necessary, and returns are lower than possible!

Our pioneering innovations in Asset and Risk Management have been drawing global attention. We were covered in an episode of Innovations with Ed Begley Jr. focusing on recent breakthroughs in risk and return management - broadcasted on Fox Business.

To share our quantifications, we are developing a fast and straightforward solution that can be accessed via API from anywhere. Our future will see us offer user-friendly front ends to serve any customer.

Your access is a simple API away

Database coverage

  • 16’000 assets and growing including global equities, bonds, other financial/economic data
  • 16+ million data points
  • Daily updates

Our set-up ensures

  • High scalability
  • Use case customisation
  • Geographic differentiation
  • IP / code protection

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