About AAAccell

AAAccell is a leading Swiss quantitative FinTech in Risk- and Asset Management.

We innovate academic FinTech: Our quantitative finance and artificial intelligence/machine learning solutions are based on the latest research from several inter-/national elite universities/professors as well as leaders from the industry.

We produce award winning solutions: Our innovations come from several solutions we generated over the last years, for which we have won over ten awards nationally, as well as internationally.

Financial Markets suffer from a lack of quantification​

Investment advice and guidance is often promised to be delivered through expert judgment and skilful opinions by professionals in asset or wealth management. However, much of global wealth invested lacks systematic quantification – many decisions are intuition based. And even though the complexity of algorithms in financial services has increased in specific areas (first generation of Robo-advisory, or high-frequency trading, hedge funds, etc.), widely used statistical methods applied (often still EXCEL based) that are used to back-up or justify decision making, still lag decades behind the most advanced quantitative methods developed in academia. So due to a lack of technology use: Risks are higher than necessary, and returns are lower than possible!

Our Lines of Service

Risk- & Portfolio Management

A set of innovative solutions and applications to better manage private and institutional wealth.

The ability for institutions to offer a 24/7 modern asset management at a high quality. 

Fund Analysis & Hedge Funds

New technology to distinguish if Active Funds or ETF are of high or low quality.

Fully automated fraud detector to identify fraudulent (hedge) funds.

RegTech & Real Estate Solution

Solution to calculate regulatory risk/return according to EU-PRIIPS regulation for illiquid funds.

Several advanced risk assessment solutions for alternative asset management, including real estate.

Smart Foreign Exchange Hedging

A modern approach to FX Hedging using several modules of random forest machine learning.

Advanced forward looking modules to identify FX risk early.

To be able to share our quantification as a serice, we are developping a simple and fast solution that can be access via API from anywhere. Out future will see us offer user friendly front ends to serve any type of customer

Your access is a simple API away

  • We base our solutions on the highest level of research in mathematics, econometrics, quantitative finance, statistic/ stochastic and artificial intelligence/machine learning.
  • The core system runs fully automatic and takes better investment decisions than humans and current robo’s. It also outperforms institutional investors.
  • The solutions can handle a large amount of data, portfolios and clients due to the applied equations, codes and architecture.
  • It can offer new, sophisticated and fully digitalized asset management service 24/7 for retail clients, (U)HNWI and institutional clients.

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