Intelligence & Research Services, BoD/ExB Advisory

Companies are in the process of changing their current business and operating models.
The very high implementation and maintenance costs of new systems must be carefully weighted in terms of expected value, potential impact and cost-benefit ratio.
Before a decision is made, AAAccell can assess to what extent the considered system is viable and aligned with up to date academic knowledge.
We further offer custom-made programs for boards of directors and executive committees designed to their needs, and executed by leading scientists.
We offer currently education in:

  • Finance and Math: A journey into the “matrix of finance”
  • Artificial Intelligence: Current status of applications and its benefits and limitations
  • Robo-Investment advisors: Pros and Cons of current IT systems and potential upgrades including modern asset management methods
  • Risk management on the move: current trends and key regulatory requirements

Frontiers in Innovation

AAAccell advisory services support projects by drawing from a comprehensive pool of consultants who posess advanced knowledge for solving challenging problems.

We offer access to the latest trends, new developments, and relevant publications from leading scientists in finance.

We serve leading banks and insurers, well-known private banks, asset-/ pension funds and stock exchanges. Our clients typically are looking beyond standard approaches and aim to outperform traditional benchmarks.

AAAccell solutions integrate both modern quantitative and qualitative models, techniques, and methodologies.