Overview of our current main solutions and services:

Asset Management Solutions & Robo-Advisor 2.0 including Chatbot Connection

The market environment will remain challenging. Identifying and harvesting yields have become more difficult than in the past. 

Our solutions for asset management yield higher returns at lower risk, and this with a proven track record. 

Our techniques address the characteristics of financial markets such as changing volatility and correlations, market turmoil, crashes, and asset specific skewness. 

Our systems can be used for institution and private portfolios. They provide recommendations on single position daily, weekly or monthly.

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Collateral Management Solutions: Custodians and Private Clients (U)HNWI

Several regulatory changes (EMIR, CSDR, Dodd-Frank, Basel III, etc.) require improvements in managing and dealing with collaterals. We can calculate the embedded risks for each portfolio, accounting for illiquid positions and optimal portfolio distributions.


The low-yield environment may increase the demand for leveraging portfolios for private clients (U)HNWI. These portfolios require non-standard and non-trivial optimisation methods. We have systems designed specifically to do this. Our tool enables our clients to upload portfolios and re-balance the leveraged portfolio towards optimal weights.

AAAccell was selected at a global congress (SIBOS) from a leading financial institute for its collateral system to be among the Top 3 most innovative solutions in 2016. 

Risk Management: Quantitative and Qualitative Solutions

The field of risk management is undergoing constant changes and developments. While Basel III is not yet fully implemented, Basel IV is already in discussion. We offer a wide range of risk management services, including:

  • Quantitative asset and pension fund risk reporting
  • Market- and credit risk modelling
  • Operational Risk Frameworks
  • PRIIP system to calculate the risk according to the new regulation (KID calculation, MIFID, Fidleg)
  • Risk trackers (early-warning systems for investments)
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) engines for operational and credit risk, investment vehicles, real estate funds, etc.
  • Stress Testing with AI
  • Daily automatic valuation for illiquid assets (CDO, CDS etc.)
  • Volatility surface modelling and option pricing validation
See also our engagements at the Swiss Risk Association.

Intelligence & Research Services, BoD/ExB Advisory

Companies are in the process of changing their current business and operating models. 

The very high implementation and maintenance costs of new systems must be carefully weighted in terms of expected value, potential impact and cost-benefit ratio. 

Before a decision is made, AAAccell can assess to what extent the considered system is viable and aligned with up to date academic knowledge. 


We further offer custom-made programs for boards of directors and executive committees designed to their needs, and executed by leading scientists.
We offer currently education in:

  • Finance and Math: A journey into the "matrix of finance"
  • Artificial Intelligence: Current status of applications and its benefits and limitations
  • Robo-Investment advisors: Pros and Cons of current IT systems and potential upgrades including modern asset management methods
  • Risk management on the move: current trends and key regulatory requirements
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